Friday, May 07, 2004

Announcing a major technology breakthrough Share Pain Information Technologies (SPIT), today launched there latest product, Share Ur Pain (SUP). SUP is based on the basic philosophy that says :
The most basic law of emotions is that if you share joy it increases and if you share pain it decreases.

SPIT's founders and chief scientists Dr. P J Singh and Dr. Robert Shorthorn come from different backgrounds but purpose of there research was same. While working at Ferguson and Lamart Technical University (Faltu) PJ was trying to reduce pain felt. His team was trying to modify neuronic structure to include proxy elements that could limit maximum amount of pain felt by a person. The Herbes Pain Index(HPI) was being used to quantify pain in PJ's research.  PJ wanted to reduce pain but at the same time didn't want to make the part of body or the whole body numb in the process. Putting a threshold to pain was the ideal solution. The person would still feel the pain but the Herbes Pain Index will remain below a configurable value. Earlier techniques that temporarily helped a person to reduce pain either included pain-killer medicines (with their side-effects) or local anesthesia.

While Dr. PJ was busy contolling HPI Dr. Shorthorn was working on the a42 supercomputer. He had developed a Information Passing Interface(IPI) to allow exchange of information, data and idea between human brains without any physical contact. This technique is reffered to as Telepathy in many ancient texts. This also tells us that our ancestors were much advanced and they were using telepathy or IPI in day to day life. Coming back to Dr. Shorthorn's work, coming from grid computing and clustering background he wanted to harness IPI to build the greatest supercomputer. This supercomputer, smugly named a42 by Dr. Shorthorn, would use idle brain power of the whole human race to find the answer or rather the question to the answer 42.

Both the projects were put to rest for some time while the two great mind collaborated to create SUP. SUP uses modified proxy elements from Dr. PJ's work to use Dr. Shorthorn's IPI to transfer pain to a second person.

As always, there are privacy and security concerns have been raised. SUP allows pain-sharer to manage an access control list of people who can share there pain with them. SUP also boasts using a secure and encrypted channel for IPI. The ACLs is an essential feature and prevent unauthorized people from sharing pain with you.

Various Human Rights bodies have also demanded that SUP be modified to allow pain sharing between blood relatives only. They fear that pain-sharing would be commercialized and poor would be exploited (pained to be precise) by the rich in a more literal sense. These human rights bodies are trying to draw parallel between commercial pain-sharing and blood donating (or should we call it selling). With the advanced DNA technology allowing pain sharing between blood relatives only is technically feasible but it may prevent a true friend / spouse from helping another.

In the meanwhile, the whole product is under scrutiny by government officials before it can be released for public use.

As always, I am leaving this article in first draft stage :(

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