Monday, May 17, 2004

A day in IIT

Finally managed to take some photographs of IIT, covered everything
from Chemical Dept., Civil Dept. to coffee shack. Now the process of
finishing the roll and getting it developed and scanning is left.

I met Prof. D. N. Singh who reminded me that I have his Soil Mechanics (R. F. Craig)
book, I had to tell him that I have accepted that as a gift sovenier from him.
Verma X-( !! where is that book..

I had 3-4 double cold coffee at the shack and roamed around the whole insti.. Lots of new
faces but there were many dual degree passing guys.. So managed to see
many familiar faces.

At the end of the day when myself, goti, bansi and murali were doing some
time-pass at coffee shack a female came us and asked us :

Q: Are you guys studying in IIT?
goti, bansi : yes
me, murali : no..
(strange reaction ....)
murali : Its ok.. two are studying and two were studying..
Q: Are you from bombay?
all : no..
Q: Did you vote this time?
all : no..
Q: I am a reported from Times of India, I would like to interview you guys about
the election..
me : sure, pull a chair.
Q: We also want to take a photograph.. can you please come over there?
(some activity, murali cribbing and finally coming along)

Two-three more guys and 2 gals join us and Anjali doesn't want to
get photographed with maggi in her hands.. Murali helps her but she
is afraid Murali might have a part of her maggi :p.. Maggi finally settles
on the right side of Anjali. Murali doesn't want to get photographed
but we force him to sit anyway..

The photographer takes 15-20 photographs from a single angle.. and then
5-6 more from different angles. Now the all important part starts.. opinions of
IITans on elections and general politics.

Murali tries to explain the reporter that IIT student's opinion may not
be same as mass. IIT community is basically insulated and the only
inputs we get about politics are from TV and newspapers. The reporter was definitely pro BJP,
though the photograph might show us cheering for congress.. but it
was thumbs down for congress and Sonia in Q&A session.

I am listing a summary of various answers... I am not sure TOI will
print the same summary. (if they publish it at all)

1. India was actually shining in BJP's government. And it was shining
for almost everybody not just the industrialist and businessmen.

2. Manmohan Singh and Rajeev Gandhi get their due credit for taking intiatives in the direction of
economic reforms and information technology.

3. Naidu really did wonders to hyderabad, but he may have ignored

4. There exists a possibility that congress managed to rig the poll.

5. Mixed opinion about Sonia becoming PM. Some said she is the only leader congress has.
Others mentioned that she may not be a good administrator and she is still inexperienced.
Manmohan Singh was the only other choice but lacked the leadership quality.
Overall thumbs down for Sonia.

6. Immediate expections from government :
i. Might think about moving indian economy to be more industry and IT driven rather
than agriculture based (which is affected by monsoon)
ii. Utopian dream of eliminating corruption. Someone came up with
a funny suggestion of making corruption legal and government can charge tax on that..
well this is sure a new idea..
iii. Many insisted on agriculture being the top priority..
iv. Government should continue the good work BJP was doing :>

7. Election results were surprising to all.. (center as well as AP)

Enough of interview and politics... I would have preffered to see BJP government..

IIT now has two basky courts, the other unused court with tar surface is now shining with green colour..
They did this 2 yrs back when IIT hosted inter-university tournament.

There is new building in front of CC which is a part of elec dept. now.

H3 mess is getting renovated.. and h3 will also get a TT room.

New footpath have been constructed all over IIT. Someone told that the overall budget for
the footpath construction was 4 crore INR.. these must be the costliest footpath.

Campus placement this year were extremely good.

Kaafi arbit post ho gayi.. enough for now :)

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Blogger Cheeru said...

Jeet, I liked the post. IIT mein aisey arbit giri he hoti hai yaar :-) It reminded me of all the arbit and fart things that we used to do there.

Baaki bansi-goti God hain !!! Hope u know their beach kissa when they were being caught by police wala and they gave Anand Agarwal's cell no as their gaurdian's no and that guy had tough time managing the police wala. :-)

3:28 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

Haan yaar.. of course I know that kissa.. bahut baar batate rehte hain dono :) and bansi ka doosra naam kelaram aise hi nahin pada :D

4:51 PM  

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