Sunday, May 09, 2004

For all the mosquitos of the world !!

Scientists at Anti-Mosquito Research Laboratory, New York have successfully
demonstrated their new anti mosquito product. The product brand named Sonic
Irritation For Mosquitos (SIFM) uses sound waves generated at frequencies that
are found to be irritable for almost all the known species of mosquitos.
The frequency do not fall in human audible ranges.

An AMRL official told us in an exclusive interview that SIFM has already been
patented by AMRL and interestingly, the basic idea came to their researchers
mind when an Indian scientist who was fond of Bhappi Lahiri music and
wouldn't stop playing the same song over and over joined the team. Apparently
the music was so irritating for some poor souls that started to keep away from
lab and thus the idea to use irritating sounds at non-audible frequencies to
develop a new mosquito repellent was born. For the curious reader's
information; SIFM does not use Bhappi Lahiri music.

Unlike traditional methods of using allethrin vapour in various forms,
SIFM does not use any chemicals. Chances of mosquitos developing an immunity
towards SIFM are told to be negligible.

Besides being more cost-effective SIFM provides many other advantages over
traditional techniques. Following table provides a detailed comparison of SIFM
vs. current products and techniques.

Feature/FactorSIFM Allethrin based Solutions Vivek's Handgrenade Approach Almighty Hand/S
Regular refill required No Yes No No
Chemical solution No Yes Yes No
Automated (electronic) Yes Yes No No
Children can play Yes No No --
Hazardous for human health No Yes Yes Yes
Causes mosquito death No May cause Yes Yes
Works without electricity Yes No Yes Yes

SIFM clearly proves to be a much superior system than any existing products.
A low cost mechanical model of SIFM is also available that can be charged
mechanically just the good old grandfather's wrist watch. This is a portable version and can even be carried in pocket.
Taking care or a major concern of dog owners, SIFM frequencies are not audible to dogs and they remain unperturbed.

You can buy SIFM here. SIFM will be available in all countries before the end of this month. AMRL is also customizing SIFM for lizards, cockroaches and spiders.

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