Sunday, May 02, 2004

I left bombay (mumbai) on 4th may last year. In this one year period I have been to many cities. hyderabad, goa, kolkata, jaipur, agra, kanpur, haridwar, rishikesh, jodhpur are the main cities that I remember going to. I also went to my village after a long time (maybe 10 yrs. I don't remember my last visit). I consider mumbai as the best city ( I have not lived or been to chandigarh and banglore yet).

There were numerous occasions when I had an opportunity to go to bombay but something or other always postponed or cancelled my trip. In fact once I had 2 tickets from air india super saver offer that were about to expire if I didn't use them. The had already been paid for and nobody else could use it. Friends suggested that I should just pick a city go there enjoy the day and come back, at least utilize the tickets. But I wanted to go to Jaipur and fly kites on 14th Jan, I was going to do that after 5-6 years and Delhi-Jaipur trip by flight sounds like the most foolish thing to me.

Anyways, the point I am coming to is that I might go to mumbai on monday/tuesday. I say might because the tickets are not confirmed yet. Lets see how much the city has changed and I hope to get a chance to visit IIT and wingies.

Which's ur favorite city?

PS: Did I mention that once again spelling of my name is incorrect in the ticket, this time it says Aggarwal J. for my name.

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