Monday, November 08, 2004

Cafe Mocha again.. Dixit was lukkha and wanted to go for a long drive.. not as long as Pune but a decently long one.. We played T.T. for some time.. You can't play knocks with him.. he is a lefty and the rallies just don't last long.

Off to Cafe Mocha which has recently opened in HN.. it was closed. I expected it to remain open till 1:30 in night but they may not be finding may takers.. So we went to Juhu Cafe Mocha...

They make good coffee, but they make better deserts.. We had Lava Lava a cup full of molten chocolate, its the best desert I have ever tasted. Last time we also had Chocolate Avalanche which was a good mixture of chocolate, bread and ice cream.

Most of the things that you see around in Cafe Mocha are broken and old. No two chairs are of same type/colour, the cup in which you receive the bill is broken. The roof has wooden lintels and looks as if it was made eons ago. No two bulb holders / lamps are of the same design. It gives the place a unique look.

Someday I would tell the girl on door that her smile is too artificial and she should try to change that.

I am having loads of black coffee nowadays.. I had two in Cafe Mocha yesterday. I am not yet at the level where I will take a double shot espresso, but a single pure 30 ml espresso shot is welcome anytime.

They close down at 1:30 in night and that's bad, though they have pathetic music, I still like to sit there and talk about random things.

Next time you go to Mocha try Lava Lava.. its good !!

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