Saturday, November 06, 2004

Now that India has won the last match I feel better writing about it :-)

I went to Pune on 2nd. Met Jakkal and Bansi there. Bansi asked me if I am free on the next day. For last 15 days of so whoever is asking this question, they are getting a positive reply, so did Bansi. He has 5 tickets of the match that he has won in a quiz.

The next day we went to watch this match, Me, Ghushe, Sandy, Kutti and Stud. In the morning it was raining very lightly, we had in mind that this might delay the match a bit. All of us agreed that it will be very difficult to get into 2nd class of local in morning hours and took the 1st class ticket for Churchgate (78 Rs. per ticket). As you might have guessed we didn't get seats in the beginning but near the end of journey all of us were sitting and Ghushe was trying to get everybody to discuss 'old doordarshan serials'.

In last 7 years, I have been stopped by T.T.E. only once before, two T.T.E. asked us to show tickets and we has tickets to C.S.T. and not churchgate. We got out after paying fines and were still in a good mood for the match ahead. I have decided that I will read all tickets (and the find print on them) before starting the journey/entering stadium or theatre. There was a fine print on ticket which mentioned that due to security reasons we can not carry our mobiles with us. I don't have many friends who have relatives living in churchgate / colaba area, the only thing came to my mind was we will have to go back to Powai and come again (impossible). But Ghushe has a cousin living in Malabar Hills (hmm.. big man).

We finally got to the stands, they were mostly empty. The pitch and other parts of ground were covered, match has not started and crowed was still making noise for very arbit reason. Shane Warne came out in his vests and bermudas, walked a full round of cricket ground and took photographs with his camera, I couldn't recognize him. He has changed his hairstyle drastically.

The crowd was going crazy over all actions of the cricket players when they came out for warmup. Somebody takes a catch, noise.. Someone misses a catch, noise. A ball hits a sole stump noise.. Someone starts running, noise... People are mad over cricket.

Finally match started but we could see only 4 overs. So much for only 4 overs. We saw 4 batsman during these 4 overs, Sehwag, Ghambir, Dravid and Sachin too :-) It started pouring again and finally at 3:30-45 we decided to walk out.

Ghushe and Bansi went to fetch the mobiles and rest of us took the road to sterling. There we no good/famous movies. The other nearby cinema halls were showing, kis kis ko, kis kiski kismat and dhoom. We decided to wait in Barista.

We were not agreeing on any POA (plan of action), we didn't even agree on the suggestion that we should split so that different POAs can be followed by different people. Someone wanted to see a particular movies but others had already seen it, other options like theatre etc. were also considered but none were accepted.

Mittal (kutti) suddenly developed an urge to go to some sports lounge. I have no idea why.. but we found one right on top of Barista where we were sitting. Played pool (250 Rs. an hour :> ) and went to see 'The Human Stain' movie in Sterling. OKish movie.

After movie we went a place calle 'Cafe Mondegar', the 'r' is silent while pronouncing it. Two words that describe this place very acurately : it stinks. The place stinks of fish. This cafe was playing rock and that might make me repeat my visit. We had a good time talking about and jamming about arbit topics.

Next time I want to go and watch the match after ascertaining that there will be no rains and read the tickets before boarding the train.

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Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

you didnt write about cafe mocha???

i had the "kenyan safari" in cafe caffee day today.. amazing..


10:25 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

There is cafe mocha now in HN.. no charm left in it.. anyways the music was pathetic over there.. only the coffee and deserts were "great"...

10:33 PM  

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