Saturday, December 04, 2004

Too many weekends coming nowadays.. and it seems long weekends have taken over the normal ones. Have been playing a lot of table tennis, tried carrom a few days.. Couldn't win a single game, Titash can now beat me in carrom and he won't have to spend a full night trying to do so :-)

Have been listening to Madhushala since morning. Its too good coming from someone who does not drink himself. Madhushala definitely can win the award for 'Poetry with most respectfull address to Sakis'.

I was just wondering that Shehnai is one instrument that is normally associated with marriage but many Bollywood films use it extensively to create a depressing environment for Hero/Heroine.. basically shehnai is used very often in background music for sad scenes.. and it creates a good (oops.. sad) effect too.

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Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

It was last year when you posted last! We deserve more...

10:13 AM  

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