Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Thanks to vivek for waking me up...

First post of this year, though coming very late, I think I will keep posting regularly, though I don't write as good as vivek and I don't have specific topics like Harry Potter or Movies like ET, I would continue to post whatever comes to my mind :-)

So much of new stuff on the cards.. I have moved to Pune, it is a slow paced but happening place. Good weather, not so good roads and decentish people.

New year was spent with Sandy and co. in Goa. When I was planning to spend new year eve in Goa many people asked me what will I do there, its basically famous for booze, babes and beaches, friends think (assume) that I am not interested in first two and last one is not something that one would enjoy on 31st. Anyways, I liked the place, I might even like to settle there.

People work extremely slowly, sometimes you might get frustated but that's how you would find everyone in Goa, no hurry !!

I liked the different types of beaches, snake like roads and old homes.

I have loads of time after office and I managed to finish HHGG again, that makes it third time. I have started reading Maximum City, Mumbai by Suketu Mehta. I sometimes feel that he has some personal khunnas against Thackrey ( I am not a big fan myself !! ) Till now he has managed to paint a very grim picture of bombay by talking about riots etc. I think some of his statements can be called racist !

I also started doing two things that were there in my ever increasing TODO list. 1. Spanish classes 2. Fitness club, I want to start two more activities in the spare time that I have in this list : 1. Swimming 2. Four-wheeler driving.

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Blogger Rahul said...

swaagat hai!!! :) ab post karte raho.. pata chala agli post agle saal karoge.. :)

11:40 AM  
Blogger Cheeru said...

Sahi hai Jeet. Mujhe bhi Goa jaana hai yaar. Mumbai 4 saal rahker bhi ek bhi baar nahin gaya. Anyway, how is the new Job? Or yeah Spanish ka bhoot kahan se aa gaya? Planning to travel? Baaki do suggest me some good books. Keep posting.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

Nahin abhi koi travel plans nahin hain.. spanish seekhne ka enthu 1 saal se hai finally abhi start hua hai kuch.

5:10 PM  

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