Friday, February 18, 2005

After a long time I spent more than a week without computer screen :-)

I took a vacation recently, spent 9 days in Jaipur. For the first time in last 2 years I was able to go to Jaipur and stay at home :D.. Went to Amber Fort with Dinesh, roamed around the place and hiked to Jaigarh Fort after that. We had been to both the places earlier some 6-7 years ago and managed to locate some places we remembered from last visit.

Dinesh also took me around to show his small garden. He has managed to grow many types of plants and is taking good care of the garden. He did not know names of all the plants that he has but he knew how they would looked like when they grow. We also managed a small trip to Nehru Balodyan. We used to go to this garden every morning during summer vacations..

Vivek has written a BIG blog and I don't know when I will read that blog entry. :-)

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Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

Read it!!!!!!!!!!!

Your comments shall be awaited!!!

8:08 PM  

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