Monday, February 21, 2005

Have been watching some heavy movies recently.. Next weekend it has to be a Govinda style movie :) Last two movies that I saw were Black and The Aviator. Both movies are good. I specially got interested in the Howard Hughes guy.. He was cool :-)) Did some googling and found some interesting stuff about him. When I was watching the movie I remembered this post from Dhar, talk about perfectionists !!

I have finished reading another book I moved your cheese, it's a general timepass book that mocks all the self-help books including itself. Good funda. Sometimes the author's style resembled Scott Adams's writing style. Worth reading one time. Next in line is The Road Ahead by Bill Gates, I don't read much non-fiction/management/self-help books but that's what I have left unread on my bookshelf. I have been to four crossroads (the book shop) in Pune but none of them have the Dirk Gently book. Maybe I should just return back to buying from Flora Fountain...

Lately I have been thinking about doing an MBA or something of that sort :).. Nothing concrete yet, maybe after 2-3 years I might actually do something like that. How is the part time management program/course offered by Symbiosis in Pune?

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