Monday, February 28, 2005

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That's the movie that we saw last weekend, thanks to a friend's bad reviews we had skipped this one so far. In fact many people told me that its not good.. well our views certainly don't match. I liked the movie. Infact the movie sparked a discussion which consumed whole night. (I was sleeping, it was bansi and gaind putting their brains to work).

On another note I just found a hidden cost with banks, that people talk so much about. Citybank is already notorious for various hidden costs and mistakenly charged entries in their bills. This time it is ICICI bank. They have charged me Rs. 50 for every cash transaction that I made (cash deposits). Well I managed to make a lot of them this month. I was not informed about it on my ealier deposit activities.. Pandi !! where are you? do you have a solid case now to make money out of suing someone?

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