Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Coffee !

Bansi got coffee powder and filter from Cafe Coffee Day. We tried making normal filter coffee but I later decided to go for a cold espresso (black coffee with ice) as usual. Yesterday we decided to make cold coffee, went to market and bought milk. Poured milk and coffee powder in mixer just to find that we didn't have any sugar left. Pune doesn't sleep that early but it would not be fair to expect departmental stores to be open at 11 in night. But luckily we found one that was open. Gaind said "Meri kismat pichle 3-4 din se footi hui hai", I said "Lekin lagta hai chhed abhi chhota hai".. No the hole is really big. The shop had also run out of sugar that very day. So we decide to use chocolate for sweetner. Got two dairy milks and made coffee with chocolate. It didn't turn out to be that bad.

I couldn't feel yesterday's tremors, everyone around me felt them :(. Next time someone should give me prior warning before shaking earth, so that I can stop reading and feel the quake. From the word quake.. quake khele bahut time ho gaya.. Although I was worst of the lot in telemune, I still enjoyed challanging vivek for a game.

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Blogger Rahul said...

earthquake?? kab??? kahaan???

11:07 AM  
Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

You weren't that Bad really!


8:35 PM  

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