Monday, March 28, 2005

The Coming of Gowf

I HIGHLY recommend this story by P. G. Wodehouse. A hilarious short story in the collection The Clicking of Cuthbert. He wrote it in 1922 and I must say this is one of his best stories I have read so far. It describes history of introduction of golf religion in the kingdom of Oom.

Some excerpts :

Gowf : The new religion

he cried, shading his eyes, "a
bird of a drive! How truly is it written in the book of the prophet
Vadun, 'The left hand applieth the force, the right doth but guide.
Grip not, therefore, too closely with the right hand!'

A poem by minstrels praising the king ..

_"Oh, praises let us utter
To our most glorious King!
It fairly makes you stutter
To see him start his swing!
Success attend his putter!
And luck be with his drive!
And may he do each hole in two,
Although the bogey's five!"_

Some early titles :

Promoter of the King's Happiness - (The Pro)
Supreme Splendiferous Maintainer of the Twenty-Four
Handicap Except on Windy Days when It Goes Up to Thirt - (The Dub)

Some blessings to king :

May his handicap decrease

Linx - The outdoor temple of the god

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