Monday, March 07, 2005

Trying to install emacs with efs on my windows pc. After changing the OS that I use on PC I am now changing from vi to emacs, or rather from gvim (win32) to xemacs (win32).

Finally installed firefox with Adblock, FoxyTunes and Sage extensions. FoxyTunes is really very useful. This weekend it was Puneet, Aggi, Machine Singh and Swami of DD COM (2004) fame who visited our place. I realize that every week we have some visitor and that keeps things interesting, next week Dixit plans to give us a visit.

In another news, our landlord gave us one month notice and I am back to house hunting. Anyone knows a 2 BHK in Aundh, Pune available for letting out pls. contact me.

This week we saw 'Meet the Fockers', I must say the first one was better. The director turned this one in a sex comedy. I enjoyed the movie and liked the fockerisation process :-)) we fokerised him.

On weekend Bansi and Gaind got The war or roses, what a movie. Its one of the movies that might leave a lasting impression. We revinded several times to listen to prehistoric frogshit from the bottom of New Jersey scum swamp dialogue by Michael Douglas. Another dialogue that we liked was She was (being told that heroin was a gymnast just after he refused her offer), the look on the Danny DeVito's face was worth the movie rental. If you want a friend to NOT go for a love marriage, show him this one. In fact I am in a mood to prepare a list of movies to be used for conditioning people :).

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