Friday, March 04, 2005

We were supposed to write entries for a week planner in our spanish class. The idea was to make us use the verbs that we are most likely to use in our daily life. I realized that I could not write anything after "Ire a la oficina por la mañana y ire a la clase de español por la tarde. Luego ire al club. mismo todos los dias."

I thought more about it and found that life has always been monotonic..

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Blogger Rahul said...

sahi!! spanish seekhte hue!! now you can watch some really good movies! :)

to help yourself learn better, see some Almodovar movies... "Hable Con Ella" and "Todo Sobre mi Madre" to start... :) also "Diarios de motocicleta", "Mar Adentro" and "Amores Perros"! :) dekho main kitni madad karta hoon logon ki.. :)

12:49 AM  

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