Friday, April 01, 2005

Downloaded and read The Coming of Bill by P. G. Wodehouse from gutenberg. Unlike his others works this one is not a comedy in Wodehouse sense. Wodehouse once said, “there are only two ways of writing a novel. One is mine, making the thing a sort of musical comedy without music, and ignoring real life altogether; the other is going down deep into life and not caring a damn.”

Plot of The Coming of Bill is very similar to some jeetendra movie I had seen once, artist hero with some sidekicks, rich man's daughter heroin, heroin having a wicked aunt, a brother. Hero-heroine marrying, having a son, heroine's father dying leaving her a fortune, trouble... brother making mistake in business and a series of other events leading to a happy ending story. It is an ok read only if you are Wodehouse fan. I would prefer if I read jeeves/psmith style stories in future.

Another news, I have recently changed flat and shifted VERY close to my office.

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