Monday, April 04, 2005

Gaind makes sure that we watch atleast one F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode everyday and atleast one movie every week. This time we got vcd of Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes. A rather long name really :)

The movie is real fun.

We also saw Be Cool at E-Square and the voice and video were not in sync. Nobody in the whole hall was concerned about this and were watching the movie silently when Gaind decided to take up with authorities. The movie was rerun but there were other snags, lights went out twice and the movie was also cut (maybe to adjust next show). We found that the sound and video were not interleaved and they had two audio tracks one in russian and another in english. Finally we couldn't stand it anymore and decided to walk out, but not before we were given our money back. You don't say no to three 6"+ people when they ask for refund.

We liked the parts of movies that we were able to see in E-Square. Specially appreciated were the SUVs owned by Sin and gang. Uma Thurman rocked in the dance. Good that we got to watch it twice.

The next day we went to INOX for the same movie and were shocked to find that they had put Russian soundtrack and the staff were not even aware that movie is in english. They already had done two shows of the same film. Three of us (me, gaind and machine singh) again stepped in, but this time the crowd was very active and the movie was rerun. So we ended up watching some parts 4 times.

A must watch movie. Gangsta rappers rock... or rather rap. Only person I have seen who can match the coolness of Travolta is Harish. He (travolta) can light up a cigarette, when a gun is pointed towards him.

Go watch it.

I also caught up with many of my batchmates and some juniors thanks to Piyush Singhal. Nitin Ban, Abhishek Sharma (Jhuggi) were the juniors and Satyendra Tiwari, Umesh Goyal (Pappu), Singhal, Amit Sharma, Kedia, Gaurav Bhardwaj and Amol Naresh were my batchmates, all chem.

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