Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I use Sage a feed reader for firefox to watch some blogs and news sites. Found this article about tsunami. I don't really know who is playing bad man/woman in this episode but following statements from Jayalalitha tells me that Oberoi actually must have done some work.

But Ms Jayalalitha responded to the perceived criticism by saying that Oberoi had done only 10% of relief work at Devanampattinam and the government the remaining 90%.

10% of relief work was done by a single NGO / fund / group of people headed by him (according to officials), we can safely assume that it was atleast 20-25% :) and I would say that is A LOT OF WORK DONE. No matter at what small scale but if you can come up with a 2 digit percentage contribution it is worth a mention. I didn't recall reading about Oberoi.. why is it being said that Oberoi had achieved "maximum publicity" for doing "nothing tangible".

Probably dirty politics as usual !!

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