Saturday, April 09, 2005

Maria Isabel

Our spanish class at Symbiosis Pune is presenting a song in college's annual fest. We have been practicing this song for quite some time now. The song has been sung by many people in different styles:

Some of them are here and here. We would be singing this version. A fun song with funky, dancable beats. Ninja is trying to supress vocals from mp3, hope he does a good job.

There are different versions of lyrics available and we selected the one I am posting here. Here are the lyrics and here with a translation (may not be correct, I am still a novice :) )

La playa estaba desierta
El sol bañaba tus pies
Cantando con mi guitarra
Para tí, María Isabel

Coge tu sombrero y póntelo
Vamos a la playa calienta el sol
Coge tu sombrero y póntelo
Vamos a la playa calienta el sol

Chibiribirim poropompom
Chibiribirim poropompom
Chibiribirim poropompom
Chibiribirim poropompom

La luna iba caminando
Por las orillas del mar
Tenía celos de tus ojos
y tu forma de mirar

Coge tu sombrero ...

En la arena escribí tu nombre
Y luego yo lo borré
Para que nadie pisara
Tu nombre, María Isabel

And the translation :

The beach was deserted (some more poetic word for this?), and the sea was washing your skin (body).

I am singing with my guitar for you Maria Isabel.

Pick up your hat and put it on.

Let us go to the beach and get hot (warm up) in sun.

chiribiri stuff....

I wrote your name in the sand
and later I erased it
So that noone else steps on it. (am i right here?)
Your name, Maria Isabel

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Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

Sahi hai be.. Choir Boy ;-)

8:30 PM  
Blogger dimps said...

hi,, id like to know abt spanish classes at symbiosis... i cant get thru the the college,, is it possible for you to tel me the duration n how good it is ? is there any other place that teaches spanish at pune if i want a 3-4 month course.?pls mail me on thanks a tonne

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