Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Of needs, wants, and entitlement

I was reading a post by Prof. Soumen on varta. I was an article published in NY Times. Quite interesting read.

Ms. Smith's daughter, Sarah Ross, also acquired an iPod recently. ("In one
of my classes someone had one," said Sarah, a senior in high school. She
recalled looking it over "for a half an hour" one day.) Next she needed a
new laptop to go along with her iPod. "She was bugging me and bugging me,"
Ms. Smith said.

"It's always the argument that she would be a better student, she could take
it anywhere, she could take it to the library," Ms. Smith explained with a
chuckle. "You see how it goes."

Every now and then I have a similar conversation with Yogi (my younger brother), only in this case I am asking him that I want to buy some new 'cool thing'. I had one yesterday night too. :) He can excercise restraint and that's the reason I always consult him before buying anything. Of course I often managed to talk him into letting me buy some stuff but he has been a stablizing factor in my life, some friends went as far as saying that he is acting as my mom :)) I don't think he reads this blog though. But if he reads it.. "Dusht mujhe koi digicam khareedne do " :>

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Anonymous Harpreet said...

Sahi bola, someone has to be there to refrain you from spending.

Btw DOF means Depth of Field which relates to which part of the photograph is in focus.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

hmm. i c. yeh focus vagerah keval optics main padha tha.. na to chasma hai na hi camera.. :)) Haan lekin funda accha hai.. phir se jaake woh fotu dekhoonga.

9:59 PM  

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