Sunday, July 10, 2005

Monterey bay aquarium and 17 mile drive

I went to Monterey bay aquarium 'again' with CP and Alon. I was meeting CP after 4 years though we're in touch on phone and mail all these years. Whole monterey town is very beautiful. See some photos here and here. This time we spent nearly 4 hours in the aquarium and got to see otter feeding. Thanks to CP we saw a nice t-shirt Harry Otter, a cute otter with HP style glasses etc.

A very satisfying day, this time I also managed to touch a ray fish, the fish is extremely soft. We also stumbled into penguin feeding show(I know the photos could be better).

Finally we went to the much talked about 17 mile drive. The drive is a closed loop with multiple entry and exit points. We took the Pacific Grove Entrance and same exit. More than half of the drive is along the pacific ocean and rest in woods. A lot of seagulls can be seen on the drive and a lot of other birds were also resting on the rock. Looks like nature had decided to use all hands approach to make the drive beautiful. The Lone Cypress Tree is estimated to be around 250 yrs. old and is a major vista point. After a good sunny afternoon, evening turned out to be a total contrast a whole place was misty.

Another very nice, surprising and humbling experience was when I was trying to take a photograph from across the road. 4 cars stopped so that I can take the photo. I didn't even request them and surely took a long time, finally CP told me that I am holding traffic and I actually saw the cars, they had stopped very early not to disturb me. I can't say about other countries but I don't expect to have a similar experience anytime soon. I felt very bad when I had read about some US girl using the world civilized world for US and implying that India is not civilized (a couple of years back), but America surely scores here. I don't know where do people in US get all the patience and courtesy.

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