Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sequoia national park

3rd of july was spent in Sequoia National Park. Among other things most noticable was The General Sherman Tree. It is the largest living thing on earth and estimated to be 2300 to 2700 yrs. old. The place is full of tree that can be rated in top 50 largest living thing but number 1 steels all the light. We walked only on one trail in the whole park, Congress Trail. This Trail is around 2/3 miles long and starts from General Sherman. We got to walk under two fallen trees and one standing and alive tree. One lone and big tree on the trail is called The President and just 50-60 ft. away there is group of Sequoia called The Senate.

Highlight of the day was Moro Rock, we must have been at around 6000 ft. elevation when we parked and climbed the stairs for another 300/400 ft. elevation. The place looks like a custom made look out. It is highest rock in the nearby area, offering near 360 degree view of the area. It reminded me of Dauna Paula at Goa, but this one was much more exciting. Coming down was scary as always.

We drove through a tree after this. Example.

This guy has written a nice writeup of his trip here. I highly recommend googling for Moro Rock for a real good collection of stories and pictures about this place.

We had driven more than 800 miles in two days. I would love to go there and spend some more time some other time. Next US visit is highly awaited (under the condition that I get 3-4 day long weekends).

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