Monday, August 15, 2005

Reliance R-connect Rocks !

I am still waiting for a call from some sales person/executive of Tata Indicom Broadband Services after around 15-20 days of them telling "Our executive will call you within next 72 hours". I finally bought an overpriced USB cable for my buggy LG phone and got R-connect working with help from Anshuman.

I have to say.. it rocks. Good enough connection speed to get very good voice quality on skype. Not bad for telnetting and working on shell prompt remotely.

Reliance (RIM) needs to change text on their website. It is often misleading. I would have taken this cable and given them good revenue (nearly 12000) till now if they had not stopped supplying the data cable at WebWorld. After 8 months (when I last checked that data cables were not available in R world) their website still boasts that ALL mobile accessories are available at WebWorld. I think its unfair of them to sell handsets at WebWorld when they are not selling accessories. Its very easy to calculate how much revenue they are loosing every day because they are not providing these facilities to their subscribers.

Enuf or cribbing.. I am at home (in Jaipur) and writing this entry using R-connect :)

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