Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Finished reading Prince of Ayodhya by Ashok Banker. The book is written in a manner that is bound to disturb hindus. Some parts are inaccurate, a few inconsistencies.. but again I was forewarned. If it was not Ramayana, it might not have been a successful fantasy novel. But again, inspite of all this I am going to buy the next two parts.

Off to start "Surley you're joking Mr. Feynman!". Planning to buy HBP(I don't know what ET would want to say after reading this), Catch-22 and Inscrutable Americans next..

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Blogger Rahul said...


9:17 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

actually.. padh hi nahin paaya.. jab release hui to main 2-4 din baad travel karne wala tha.. socha ki india main padhenge.. yahan gaind ne book khareed lee.. aur isse pehle ki mera number aata woh US chala gaya :D

12:25 AM  
Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

Catch-22.. my favourite :)

If you find it hard to get through the first 50 pages, please continue reading. It usually takes a while to start liking the book.

But you would want to read it a second time for sure.

I have read it 10 times or more, and everytime I find a new angle to something I had read before.

Awesome book!

1:29 AM  
Blogger Jeet said...

theek hai ji fir.. feynman uncle ke baad catch 22 hi padhte hain.. thnx for your advice..

11:18 AM  
Blogger Dhar said...

What is HBP?

And about Banker, the first two are interesting enough. But the third is not worth spending your money on.


1:06 PM  
Blogger Dhar said...

HBP == Half Blood Prince?


1:08 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

u guessed it right dhar. but i was really surprised that you had to guess at all :-). . I know about your disappointment after reading third one.. lekin main to saari padhoonga :)

3:46 PM  
Blogger tapas said...

hey.. i strongly disagree with you guys... i've felt that banker gets better with each book.. just finished reading his fifth book Bridge of Rama.. its awesome!!!! and it takes a lot of talent and guts to undertake a full scale retelling of the Ramayana.. and he has buckets of that..

5:24 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

@tapas, Does not matter whether they are good or not.. I am going to read all of them :-)

12:17 PM  

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