Monday, October 31, 2005

Airports and coffee shops are some of the best places for sitting quitely and reading a book. Some people might disagree with me and argue about presence of distractions at both the places. I would say that these guys go to coffee shops and sometimes to airport for the distractions only. Go there for reading and you will be able to enjoy your book. The best thing about these places are they are well-lit, definitely better lit than normal homes.

Coffee shops also make good place for playing cards (or patte peetna). At home you have to get tea,coffee and even water for yourself. At a coffee shop all these services are provided on your desk. That reminds me, I have to post a HOWTO for 250 (a game of cards).

Waiting at Mumbai airport, I finished reading The long dark tea-time of the soul by Douglas Adams. I think he wrote the book just to ridicule God(s). A fun read.

I have started re-reading Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov. That means catch-22 and HBP will have to wait.

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