Friday, October 07, 2005

Finished reading The mating season by Wodehouse. Wodehouse always has a extraordinary way of telling a story that has 4 or 5 couples and these sundered hearts are combined by Bertie and Jeeves, in this process Bertie always makes a fool of himself.

I read an article about some currency getting an uplift. It had the words 'In god we trust' on the coin, I checked other coins and found some more government buildings with same slogan (Varun had posted one some time back on his photoblog).

Isn't this IGWT a rather hurting-the-sentiment-of-atheist-junta thing? Shouldn't governments claiming to be secular keep sentiments of this minority by refraining to put such slogans on official stationary / coins / buildings? Just a thought.. I haven't met anyone who actually felt hurt because of this.

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Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

what happened to catch-22?

5:10 PM  

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