Sunday, December 25, 2005

Robots of Dawn, another sci-fi detective story from Asimov. I read this one last week and have decided to give Asimov a break. I have already started reading The End of Eternity but will shift to reading Wodehouse, Nehru and two technical books that I got issued from my office library.

With our new office shift I now had one less phone number where people can reach me. Ealier I had two mobiles, one VOIP phone on my desk, one desk phone and a softphone. However, now I don't have any desk phone in new office and I feel like my connectivity to the world has reduced :-(

I am trying to maintain my photoblog and looks like I am updating that one more frequently than this blog.

Bollywood is coming up with really obnoxious movies lately, including Neal 'N' Nikki, Home Delivery etc. Bluffmaster was an enjoyable movie though, I don't know how much of this reaction was result of datum being set to low because of the other movies that I saw recently.

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