Monday, January 23, 2006

Thanks ICICI !

I recently met Sapre he told me about his ICICI problem.

I have had similar experience with their customer care myself. But I think most of the times it is a software bug which the customer care people are not ready to understand. Various reasons can be given for incompetence of PBOs and customer care executiives in general, but that will be topic of another post and debate.

I digress, what I actually wanted to say is Thank you ICICI. I know you guys are trying to make customer's life easy (and making money while doing it) and you guys are trying very hard.

I went to a nearby Sony World shop to buy a pair of earphone/headphones. The didn't have the model I wanted but then they did have something that I "wanted"

A Sony AZ Series music system was something I wanted to buy and I gave in to the temptation yesterday. Even Yogi approved it without hesitation.

Now that I had decided to buy the system using the 0% finance scheme provided by Citi Financial I started filling out the forms, while I was doing it, I read some of their terms and conditions and they were simply unacceptable to me. The could share information given by me with their parent firm, subsidaries as well as affiliates. That means I will not only get calls from CitiBank for a new credit card but I will get calls regarding home loan, personal loan and car loan as well. Not only that their affiliates can bug for whatever they want to 'offer' me.

I was about to withdraw and come out sans the new system, but the salesman asked me if I have an ICICI card. I could buy the system with my card and it would get converted to EMIs without paper work. Wow ! That is called making life easy for cusomers...

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Blogger Dhar said...

Abey Jeet,

How much did the AZ series system set you back by? It looks real cool and expensive. :-)


3:41 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

Replied to your comment on mail.. I think the prices are also listed on there india/asia website.

3:50 PM  

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