Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another reason to Switch to Apple; beginning of this article got me thinking on another line. For the lazy ones a snippet of the article is below.

In 1984, Apple Computer ran a still-talked about Super Bowl ad. It is often credited for starting the annual competition for best ads during the championship game. Twenty-two years later, I’m finally getting Apple’s message. I guess some of us are just a little slow.

Now if you don't know about 1984 Super Bowl ad, you should find it on net and watch it. You might like to watch the whole Macintosh launch video. And the transcript of the launch and ad is also available on many websites including FolkLore.

But I digress, what I was thinking is that Apple can still use the same ad and tell the people that they are the only company that can 'free' them from the IBM PC compatibles and Microsoft monopoly.

Of course, my opinion is biased.

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Blogger Rahul said...

yes.. but it really won't work that well now, will it?

Or should I assume that you haven't read "1984"?

10:35 PM  
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