Sunday, March 26, 2006

Not a workoholic anymore

No internet, no work and no computers. I didn't know I could survive without them for as long as I did last week. I am not a workoholic anymore.

I remember when we went to Shivpuri for white water rafting my eyes were hurting and Vivek suggested that the reason was lack of daily radiation that I get from working on my PC.

It has been ages since I put a night out in office. My average working hours in a day have reduced to less than half of what they used be earlier. I miss working late and then coming to office early. During Viaedge time it used be some sort of race to reach office early (remember The Firm by John Grisham?). I miss those days and those people, I miss them sorely.

I am not sure if this change is for good or not. Only time will tell.

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Blogger the clairvoyant said...

asie kaise kiya sir?? koi tareeka batao please tension reduce karne ka??
i dun seem to get sleep n working hours are jus strange from 9 in the nyt to 4 in the morning only i can wrk(assignments) /sdy ....:-(

11:26 PM  

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