Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another weekend in Israel, this one was totally different from the previous one. I worked on both Friday and Saturday and of course Sunday is a working day for everyone.

Found out the 'aate daal ka bhaav', when I had to pay for taxi myself. It costs more than $20 each way from hotel to office.

Went to beach on Saturday morning and this time I didn't go there for jogging, I went in the water till my neck was in water. The water very clear and surprisingly still for a 'sea'. Absence of strong wind resulted into almost no waves. I could see a lot of fishes in the water and was tempted to try catching them.

But I couldn't afford to get my ears wet, I came out and went to my room, changed, went to buy some ear-plugs, came back to room to get my swimming trunks and that's when I got a call from India saying I have to work on Saturday too.

My has been extended for another two weeks so I plan to use the ear-plugs and go into water again.

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