Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friday evening, my friend Peggie asked me to accompany her to a shopping mall; she wanted to buy a shoe for her dad. We agreed to meet at 8. Enemy Tull insisted that I wear one of the party shirts. I tried to convince her that wearing a club shirt to a shopping mall may not be the brightest idea, I went out wearing a shirt that can be worn at both shopping malls and parties.

Peggie insisted on driving my car, this is not very unusual; she does that on every outing anyway. But she took the car in opposite direction and on inquiry said that a new mall has come up in that direction. Gulible me.

She started parking the car in front of Kivas (a pub), I thought she would park here and we will walk to the mall but suddenly we spotted Birju's car. We went in and met Birju and Kkiju. It seems they just wanted to spend some quality time alone. I told Peggie "let's not be kabab main haddi" but she wanted to stay put.

Now that we were already a gathering, I thought why not call others and 2 minutes later small ghoda was there too. I thought something was fishy but I let it go. Small probably was on a date or with other friends. Another 5 minutes and Romeo also came to Kivas for a date. Small and Romeo were asking each other why the other one had also come to Kivas, doesn't he know any other places in Pune.

I was very happy about the coincidence, I told the same to Enemy Tull and she also played along.

All this coincidence was acceptable but when Deepu walked in I was sure they had planned it as my send off party. Deepu is a patnivrata kind of guy and won't go on a date with anyone else except his wife.

Others joined, I loved the surprise farewell and birthday party given to me by my friends. These guys have been my family in Pune.

Friends: I will miss you a lot !!

PS: She doesn't mind the nick name Enemy Tull

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