Thursday, August 30, 2007

One of the disadvantages of having both of your sisters in the same town is that when you visit one, you have to automatically balance it with a prompt visit to the second sibling. Specially on festivals like Rakhi that are all about brother-sister relation.

I had to take a leave because my Pune company has holidays only in two cases:

1. There is some festival that is not celebrated in my home but almost all of Pune is on roads thus making it more difficult to utilize the holiday in any other way.

2. It is festival totally unknown to me and falls in the middle of the week hence thwarting all hopes of getting a long weekend.

I digress, we got ready early in the morning on this holiday to go to Gurgaon and have chole bhature as breakfast with my sis and her family. We also had my favorite sivaiyon wali kheer. All in all we had a good time.

Now we had the daunting task of crossing delhi and going to Gaziabad on a day when all brothers of the city (and it looked like some of them were from neighbouring states too) are on the road to meet and greet their sisters. Of course there were some brothers sitting at home while their sisters negotiated the unusually heavy traffic.

Nearly 70 kms were covered in three and a half hours. There was a round of laughter when my other sis also prepared chole bhature for us. I actually took a small nap to replenish my energies.

We set out for a nearby colony Ram Prastha where one of Tull's buaji lives. Tull's younger cousin's made sure that I had lots of sweets/namkin and of course there was sivaiyon wali kheer. I can write another post about the jija-sali vibe I felt for the first time, now I understand why there are so many songs and anecdotes about this special chemistry.

Next stop was Mayur Vihar where buaji had also prepared Chole Bhature. Thankfully we were spared this time.

It was nearly 10 when we reached Tull's place. Before I forget, I got the best directions from Tull's fufaji for coming back. Very detailed, very accurate, we didn't have to ask anyone for confirmation. He should probably open an equivalent of google maps.

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