Sunday, September 09, 2007

Drove to Jaipur and did shaadi ki shopping last weekend. This time I crossed Gurgaon to Gaziabad distance in 2 hours and while going to Jaipur, travelled from Gaziabad to Gurgaon in around 1.5 hours only. Traffic contributed to the 2 extra hours I look last time.

Going to Jaipur on two continuous weekends had taken a toll on my movie going agenda. There are many movie pending to be seen. Even movies like buddha mar gaya can't stop me from going for movies again.

We tried to fill the backlog by watching Heyy Babyy in Mega Mall, Gurgaon. Surprisingly this mall had parking available on Friday evening. I liked the mall (it was less crowded), the movie and the cinema hall.

Now comes Saturday and we decided to make the most of it. First we went to Rajdhani Thali Restaurant in MGF Metro Mall, Gurgaon. I was impressed when one of the waiters came with a jug filled with water so that we can wash our hands on the table. The food was not that great. Service was good but I have seen better service in thali restaurants. Overall ratings:

Ambience : * * * *
Service : * * * *
Food : * * * 1/2

We saw Ratatouille after lunch. Another Disney-Pixar gem. I love all their movies :-)

We had another movie to see in the same screen and same cinema hall. I had an option of choosing the same seats but took the opposite end of the row. We went out from the Audi after Ratatouille, waited till they cleaned up the audi and went in again for Victoria No. 203.

Two friends had accompanied us for lunch at Rajdhani and Ratatouille but they had refused to watch Victoria. There were total 4 people (including 2 or us) watching the movie, after 15 minutes or so another couple joined and I think both the couples left the cinema hall after interval/intermission.

If you are one of those people who likes to dream about buying all the cinema hall tickets so that you can take your girlfriend / wife to cinema hall to watch a movie where just the two of you are watching it, you have your chance right now. Snatch up tickets for this movie and with luck there would be only two of you in the cinema hall.

Well, I think the movie was 'ok' ;-)

For dinner we went to another restaurant. Chor Bizarre. Here's the ratings:

Ambience: * * * * *
Music: * * * * * (Old songs, they were better than old songs at Baujee Ka Dhaba)
Service: * * * * * (Best service I have seen in recent past)
Food: * * * 1/2 (They could definitely try and improve here)

The restaurant was cheaper than Baujee Ka Dhaba and Punjabi by nature. We plan to go their again for Chat and once for buffet. The ambience and service was really superb. It's almost like a museum with different type of lamp shades, tables and chairs. Very amusing :-) If you are in Gurgaon, you should visit this one :-)

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