Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am slowly adjusting to Delhi. Now I accept the fact that Delhi can't offer the huge, plush and well maintained fitness clubs that Pune had. Both Endurance and Abs were really good.

Both of them had really friendly instructors, world class machines and enjoyble atmosphere. The fitness club/gym was a cool place to go to everyday with friends. And we did just that.

I have been looking for a similar club in Delhi but my search has only delivered over-priced, cramped 'gyms' that claim to be fully A/C but they run fans all the time and there is a small A/C fitted in one of the windows.

One of the fitness clubs should take and initiative and open some good ones in Delhi.

Going over to another topic, met a couple of friends yesterday at Not Just Paranthas, GK 2. It's a long drive with lots of traffic and we got late by 5 minutes.

It's always fun to get together with old friends. We talked about this and that and time passed very quickly.

Not Just Paranthas was a decent restaurant. I don't know the rates since I didn't look at the rates on their newspaper like menu and I didn't pay the bill either.

Thanks for the treat dood.. and our best wishes for the two of you. :-)

Not Just Paranthas has a good Chandni Chowk theme and waiters are dressed like postmen. Ambience was good. Food was okay. Another place where they were playing old hindi movie songs. I think it has become a fad now. The songs in NJP were not that great though. My ratings below:

Ambience : * * * *
Food : * * *
Service : * * * 1/2 (Don't try the Rangeela's AC joke with these guys, they will switch off the AC)

GK 2 M-block market is another destination added to our list of places to explore.

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