Monday, October 08, 2007

First trailer of Saawaria was great and music is good but I think there is just too much publicity about the movie.

Every radio station makes it a point to play a song from the movie after every 10 songs, sometimes when they can't control the urge, they do it sooner.

All tv channles have the same promo repeated thousands of times in a day. My first impressions of the actors are not good. Ranbir Kapoor looks more like a joker who is trying to box rather than dance. Hopefully it's part of the script and he would not end up becoming greatest sidekick comedy actor.

Sona Kapoor looks too much like Aishwarya in some shots. It may have been a conscious decision from SLB and makeup artists. But I think indians have already had overdose of Aishwarya.

Overall, I would be happier if TV and radio channels would think of spacing out promos for the movie a bit. It NEVER helps to repeat the same clip / advertisement.


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