Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I had another driving weekend this time. I went to my maternal grandpa's place in Seekar. I remember the single lane road for our village but I was pleasantly surprised this time when I was greeted with a two lane (one on each side) road. Earlier if you had to overtake a vehicle, both the vehicles (yours and the one being overtaken) had to go off road with one tyre. Same was the case if two vehicles coming from different sides wanted to pass.

This time we paid toll to get on to the road and the ride was really smooth. Aravalis are not as green as Shayadri mountain range but I was seeing them like this for the first time. It was purely a leisure trip for me. I was driving on a smooth countryside road likes of which are shown in so many movies.

We also passed our ancestral village and it was very tempting to stop and take a look at our old house. But there are no relatives in the village and it was decided that we will pass the opportunity this time.

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