Thursday, October 04, 2007

I hate speed breakers. Specially because I don't need them because usually I don't exceed speed limits. The emotion is further intensified by the fact that my car is one of the lowest cars in Indian market.

What I don't understand is 'why' don't we have proper speed limits displayed on the roads. I have seen 4 foreign countries so far and roads had been showing speed limits prominently. Out here, I have to look hard for speed limit board (I would continue to do that untill authorities get it right)

In Dwarka speed limits of 50 kmph are shown on almost all roads. 2 weeks ago lots of speed breakers were put on these roads without reducing the speed limit. I might also mention that no speed breaker ahead signs were put. The speed breakers are pitch black without any zebra crossing on them.

If a new person comes in the area assuming that he/she follows speed limit, I expect him/her to drive at around 40-45 kmph. Invariably the person would face the wrath of speed breakers. Government should change the speed limits near intersections or places where they want to put speed breakers.

Can my readers tell me if I can file a complaint against someone for this misdeed?

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