Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's time to tell you about another good restaurant in Raja Garden. We went to The Dhaba a couple of days ago. The restaurant is in the basement and the railing (if it can be called that) had small statues depicting bhangra. I want to buy those statues for my home too, very vibrant colors and jubiliant poses. Happyness and energy oozed out of the statues.

They had put false roof of bamboos but didn't try to hide the A/C vents. A small (probably 1:40) truck was kept in one of the almirahs. Other artifects included an old style radio and lanterns. The lantern were looking quite authentic though they had electric bulbs in them.

All the waiters were wearing bhangra dress consisting of a kurta, dhoti and jacket. The best part in the artifacts was the menu itself. Ever sat in a dhaba or restaurant with no electricity and used a newspaper or menu as a makeshift handfan? Well here they made it simpler for you, the menu was in shape of a handfan.

We ordered for tomoto soup butten naan and laccha parantha along with a Shahi Paneer. We chose the dish only because it was the only one highlighted in the menu. Needless to say that they had done a good job there. The food was good and we were so stuffed that we couldn't try any desserts. I would go to this place again. My ratings:

Food: * * * 1/2
Ambience: * * * *
Service: * * *

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Blogger W0lf said...

Man...your blog is like slow torture to me .. I shall go mad :) arghhh... :-)
One day I shall not be a poor indian grad student and I shall be able to eat at all the wonderful places you describe :).

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