Monday, October 29, 2007

Speeding ticket

We went to see Jab We Met yesterday. I liked the movie for its nonsense-approach. Some parts were really funny and the whole audience was chuckling.

The reason this post is happening is not because I saw a movie for the first time in PVR Sahara Mall, Gurgaon. It is mainly because I was stopped on my way back by 5-6 traffic cops.

I was told that I was speeding. Now this really got me excited and angry. I insisted and explained to the police that I never speed. And I can go 10 kmph over the speed limit but definitely not 12 :-) We were let go without any speeding ticket or chalan.

As we were getting into the car, the cops showed us a car that sure was speeding, the speed was measured at 90 kmph. Now that's surely when the speed limit is 50 kmph :-) I wonder how much the guy was fined.

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