Sunday, October 07, 2007

We revisited Pind Baluchi in Raja Garden. This time we sat on the first floor. They told us that the restaurant will soon add another floor.

The first floor was made to look like a cave. They had used fibre to make the walls and made the room look like a rocky cave. The uneven rocks/fibre was not a good support for the back and they should probably think of putting sofas with comfortable backs instead.

This time also the waiters were wearing traditional punjabi dress and the sat-sri-akal at the entrance was well received. Delhi has huge punjabi influence and in recent past I have gone to a lot of Punjabi theme restaurant and I have found every one of them to be good.

We ordered Sweet Lassi and it was promptly served in a kulhad. For main course we ordered a butter naan, a roomali roti and paneer butter masala. A note for vegetarians: Pind Baluchi uses egg in their naan but roomali roti is free of egg. The service here was excellent and rather exceptionally quick. We finished dinner very quickly.

I guess some famous Pune restaurant like Shiv Sagar and Vaishali can learn some lessons from Pind Baluchi in how to serve the food quickly. I was happy to see a below 200 Rs. bill which included service charges. I highly recommend the place for everyone.

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