Monday, November 05, 2007

Indian Men Vs. Women

Let me tell you that the title is misleading and I am not going to do a serious analysis on this topic :-) As usual during one of our packing sessions I realised that Enemy Tull has much more number of clothes than me. I think I fall in above average category for cloth count in guys.

This got me thinking... I have almost all types of clothes that are worn by men in India. But that's the catch. Indian men don't wear the traditional indian dresses any more. But the ladies would have traditional indian saarees, salwaar suits, lahngas, laanchas apart from the western dresses.

I am not trying to say that men will be able to beat women in cloth count if they start wearing traditional indian dresses (kurta is the only popular indian dress). But I can't explain why traditional india dresses are not popular in men but they have managed to stay in vogue for women.

P.S.: I plan to introduce another name for Enemy Tull; don't worry if you have read Vivek's blog recently, it's not baby. I think Anti Me Tull is good :-)

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Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

I have exactly zero traditional clothes!

BTW.. you have to stop using the "Tull" names. I invented those! Find something original :)

12:32 AM  
Blogger Jeet said...

hehe :-) how about the 'gal bandh' or jodhpuri or nehru suits that you used to wear in LBSNAA time?

You came up with "steamy" rest all are mine :-)

7:25 AM  

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