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Pune - Places to See / Go - I

When I was planning to shift to Delhi a friend asked me to compile list of places to see in and around Pune. I had sent a list of eating joint and was expected to make a list of "good" places. I am a bit late in making this list and my friend has already explored many of these places but I will try to make this list here anyway.

There is no particular order, I am just writing about places that I remember.

1. Chokhi Dhani: Yes there is a Chokhi Dhani at Nagar Road, Pune. It's a good place to go to after office (if you come back home at 6). You should be in the resort/village at around 7-7:30 to enjoy the rides and dances in relaxed mood. The food is good it's a good getaway from hectic office life. The drive to Chokhi Dhani is not the best in the world but overall it is a good place to spend and evening.

2. 3D-Destination: If you like arcade games, bowling etc. 3D-Destination near Swar Gate is a good place. I was never able to stay there for more than 2 hours. It gets boring after that.

3. Gold Adlabs, Kalyani Nagar: Gold Adlabs also has a small gaming area and a small bowling alley. A good place to go to while you are waiting for your movie. They also have a house of horrors.

4. Wonder Funkey: I never got a chance to go there but what I hear from people is that it's a bigger version of 3D Destination

5. Khadagwasla Dam/Lake: Khadagwasla Dam/Lake remains a favorite place where we used to go quite frequently. I like sitting on lake side and eating Bhutta (corn). However, I preferred going to the 'other' side of lake where they have small resorts (I went to Lakewood). The resorts charge a small entrance fee and you can sit in one of their huts or hammocks and enjoy the lakeside without getting disturbed by traffic and honking.

6. Lonavala / Khandala: I need not write more about these places. :)

7. Mahabaleshwar/Panchgani: Again a good one day tour or a full weekend tour option.

8. Mulshi Lake / Dam: We wen to Mulshi Lake and Dam once for an overnight stay and a couple of times for a couple of hours on a weekend. They have a couple of hotels/resorts there. We stayed in Lake Residency and booked our accomodation through Residency Club, Pune. A very peaceful place where you can spend entire weekend looking at mountains and bathing in waterfalls. Very beautiful place which has remained hidden from limelight.

I hear that Tamhini Ghat beyond Mulshi is also beautiful, I must go there sometime.

9. Manas Resorts: Best place to spend a lazy afternoon. They have decent indoor as well as lake side restaurants. They have go-karting and different types of boat rides. Best thing about Manas Resort is that it's on the way to Mulshi.

10. Panshet Dam: If you have a couple of hours free on a weekend. Make a quick dash to Panshet Dam.

I haven't tried to give a lot of description, addresses etc. because there are a lot of websites that provide all this information. I just wanted to make a quick list of places that I liked :-)

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Blogger Mukta said...

And the Osho teerthpark, especially if you walk to it via the South Main Road in early wintry mornings..

And the little eateries in Koregaon Park in Lane 7 - what with the excellent Japanese, French, and Malaysian cusine you get there.

And pretty little shops with colorful shawls and silver statues that line the North Main Road.

And definitely Thousand Oaks.

And Up, up, and Away - the 3-tiered restaurant near Pashan.

3:46 PM  
Blogger agrawal said...

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