Monday, February 18, 2008

Cricket Commentary on FM Radio

I had not heard cricket commentary on radio until a couple of weeks ago I was driving and the person in passenger seat happened to be a cricket fan. I was told to dial 94.6 FM channel so that he can listen to the commentary. There was a radio channel on that frequency (or very close to it) but it was definitely not interested in satisfying this cricket fans thirst for knowing about happenings in the cricket field. I had not heard the commentary myself in ages and I have limited myself to listening to PJs, advertisements, repeated advertisements and sometimes songs on the radio. Finally after searching the entire FM bandwidth we found that 96.4 FM had the content that we were looking for.

After all these years, I liked hearing the commentary on radio :) Same increased tempo whenever a good shot is played and you can feel the excitement in commentator's voice. It's not going to convert me to a cricket fan but next time I won't have to stop my car and search for the channel. :-)

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