Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google RSS Reader vs. Safari RSS Reader

I was an early user of Google Reader, I subscribed to some cool RSS feeds like Slashdot, Boing Boing, TUAW, BBC Hindi News, Rediff News etc. etc. I also added a couple of blogs to this list. Soon after this, I bought my powerbook and with Safari's built-in RSS reader all other options looked lame.

After nearly 3 years of using Safari RSS reader, I went back to google reader and I believe it's a 'better' option than Safari (atleast in my case). These are the following reasons why I spent half an hour today to move my RSS subscriptions to google reader (some more are pending).

1. Unlike before, I don't check my RSS feed everyday and I don't visit my friend's blogs everyday. Vivek can testify to this. I used to be first and last person to comment on many of his posts but it's not like that any more :) Safari is not good for managing large number of pending RSS feeds. It goes berserk sometimes and shows ALL previous posts as new posts. With Google Reader I haven't seen such problems so far.

2. I switch off my laptop sometimes. All the people who think I still remain in front of my laptop 16 hours a day and am online 24 hours. It's not true anymore. I do manage to spend 16 hours in front of the computer but I have started switching off my machines (or putting them to sleep). If my machine is offline for a couple of days (yes that happens too) I loose all posts made in those days if RSS feed is updated. With Google Reader I can all the feeds I missed.

3. I can use other browsers or computers if I use google reader.

4. Google reader has a sleek UI. I simply love AJAX :)

So folks.. subscribe to your friend's blog feeds using google reader and frighten them with a comment "AS" soon as they post an entry !!

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