Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ultimately Secure Firewall

I was reading about security and stuff. Had heard about the firewalling method described below but the text is hilarious:

Installation Instructions: For best effect install the firewall between
the CPU unit and the wall outlet. Place the jaws of the firewall across the
power cord, and bear down firmly. Be sure to wear rubber gloves while
installing the firewall or assign the task to a junior system manager. If the
firewall is installed properly, all the lights on the CPU will turn dark and
the fans will grow quiet. This indicates that the system has entered a
secure state. For Internet use install the firewall between the demarc of
the T1 to the Internet. Place the jaws of the firewall across the T1 line
lead, and bear down firmly. When your Internet service provider's
network operations center calls to inform you that they have lost
connectivity to your site, the firewall is correctly installed. (© Marcus
(Image courtesy wikipedia)

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