Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My table

I have been asked to take a photograph of my work table and send to a friend multiple times. I am trying to imitate Mahadevi Varma and will try paint the picture by means of words (don't take it so seriously) :)

Okay.. here we go. These are the assorted items on my table:

2 phones
1 mobile phone
2 clutchers
1 Apple Powerbook
1 LCD monitor
1 spike guard
1 ADSL modem
1 External hard disk
1 wireless router
1 phone charger
1 AC remote
1 Cleaning cloth
1 mosquito repellent machine (all out)
1 pen
1 some envelope
1 Some medicines
1 ear ring (not the complete pair)
1 My company id card
LOTS of wires
LOTS of dust

Okay.. you get the picture


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