Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some Comics I read everyday

I used to read 'one' Calvin and Hobbes comic strip everyday (almost) and I absolutely love that one. Nowadays I also subscribe to following comics and I also recommend them for my million readers :)

Basic Instructions

I read about this comic from Scott Adam's Dilbert Blog while he was trying to help Scott Meyer (Basic Instructions fellow) and I have got hooked to this one. Most of his comics are good but I can find some 'gems' here and there :)


Ultimate geek comic. This is one comic that I send to my colleagues and friends almost every couple of days.

Questionable Content

Recently started subscribing to RSS feed for this one. Very few good ones in this. One of my friends said it's Coupling in comic form. I wouldn't agree with it. I really liked the british version of coupling and QC is not 'that' funny.

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