Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vividh Bharti

I heard radio all the time when I was in school. For clarification I didn't hear it when I was 'IN' the school except for one or two times when someone got a radio to listen to cricket commentary.

When DD telecasted songs twice in a week (Wednesday Chitrahar and Sunday Rangoli) Vividh Bharti was the most favorite of music lovers for broadcasting good songs throughout (almost) the day. I remember Binaca Geetmala and Jai Javan. I believe the transistor made radio very popular by making it portable and you could see many people carrying it. I heard a radio in a rickshaw before I heard the thumping music in a Bombay Autorickshaw but I 'think' most people heard the radio for extended duration for the first time at one single place (if they didn't have radio / music fans in their homes).

I think Indian radio industry should give the due credit to barbers for playing radio in their shops while everyone else was waiting to loose some hair. With the advent of beauty saloons and Habib look alike hair dressers the radio trend (atleast Vividh Bharti) has died down. And I have been to 3 places where a live DJ was performing while you get your hair cut (or wait in the queue).

Can we get Aakashvani and Vividh Bharti on FM Radio please? How difficult is it?

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Blogger Bhaiyaa bole said...

VividhBharati is still available via FM like other FM channels. try tuning at lowers freq. night 10:30 to 11:30, good hindi songs are b'casted.

12:38 PM  

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