Monday, June 08, 2009

Why I didn't join LibraryWala

Well, I registered at the website ( and was disappointed by a lot of things.

They have a registration fee of Rs. 499 that's more than 3 month's subscription. So if you want to try the service, you have pay a minimum of 4 month's worth money anyway. Are they afraid people won't come back after trying? A security deposit makes some sense but registration fee for an online service where you would anyway be making monthly payments sounds like apne pair pe kulhadi for that online business. I can't understand why they would have a silly registration fee unless their main aim was to keep people away from their business.

You save (INR) 0.00, whoever has written copy for them doesn't really have much experience with sales.

You get no discount if you subscribe to the yearly plan. That's probably one of the silliest part of their pricing plan. Taking one of their plans as an example: Cubic Plan(3 Books per month - 2 Books at a time) - 6 months charges 834 Rs. 12 months charges 1668 Rs. Someone please put some business sense in this website's owners. They would do MUCH better if they increased prices of 6 monthly plans. By using this pricing, they are discouraging people from going for yearly plans.

Copyright dates: They are still living in 2008.

Invite mail doesn't have friend's full name / email address: I got a librarywala invite from a friend. It would have looked like a spam email if the friend had not informed me about it.

Library wala recommends / hot rentals: I would expect to see the book details when I click on these icons. They can have the 'lists' as separate landing page but don't make me search for a book that I already found.

Bad search interface: I don't think people will bother to use advanced search. The default search should let me search titles and author to start with.

I liked the customer service, as soon as I signed up but didn't buy any of the packages, I got a call and my registration charges were waived off but the person still failed to understand that their half-yearly and yearly rates are confusing. I might still try this service for a month or so because presently there are no good alternatives.

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Blogger Darling said...

I somehow shared the same feeling when I registered with, I also joined because I had no other option there are no good libraries around. I was a member of a local library near my house but they mostly had more of comics and very less no of business books.
I read about librarywala in a paper a some time back and registered and to my surprise got a call from them in five minutes stating if they could be of any assistance & that’s when I decided to go ahead.
I found the website very simple and easy to use and ordered a set of two books, I got the deliveries nicely wrapped in their delivery bag with some nice bookmarks.
I had also opted for a monthly plan initially as I was not aware about their services and also the condition of books they would supply – but I must say they are very good and especially they have a very warm customer care service (for once you do not have to speak to a machine)
They have some discounts when you go for half yearly and yearly plans you get like two months free or something like that – I know because they had a scheme in Jan for existing members – renew for a year and get your registration back so I also got my registration back plus two months free subscription.
So far I only have one complaint some times some books are in circulation for a long time, but I end up getting them when I have a slot empty.
I would suggest go for it I have enjoyed their service very much

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